Spinal & Scoliosis

When support is needed for the neck, thorax or lower back an Orthopedic Brace may be prescribed. Typically made with rigid materials and a soft inside lining, a spinal orthosis provides vertebral alignment and the appropriate biomechanical control for the user’s diagnosis. A Spinal Orthosis may provide support to the trunk in the case of a deformed or weak spine. Through total contact support and postural correction, improved vertebral alignment is achieved. Bracing modifications by the Orthotist can be expected if the deformity is severe. A spinal orthosis may be used to reduce pain by restricting motion to the trunk by means of abdominal compression and the use of rigid panels. The brace transmits a force on soft tissue and provides fluid compression which contributes to resting and unloading of the spine. Rigid Braces are also used to immobilize the spine to promote healing after a surgical procedure or due to an injury of the spine. They remind the wearer not to move abruptly and allow for painful tissues to rest. Motion restriction in a neutral vertebral alignment is provided for proper healing.

Bracing For the Lower Back (Lumbar Spine) and Upper Trunk (Thoraco Lumbar Spine)

Bracing for the lower and upper spine are typically rigid and can be custom molded or prefabricated. A molded brace may be needed to capture a deformity or designed for needed strength. A prefabricated brace will consist of rigid panels or uprights with an abdominal closure feature that will provide soft tissue compression to reduce stress on the spine. Click here to view pdf

Bracing For the Head & Neck (Cervical Spine)

A Rigid Collar extending from the chin to the chest is used for daytime activities to limit motion of the cervical spine. A tasks such as hygiene & grooming. Click here to view pdf

Postural Bracing & Adult Scoliosis

Degenerative conditions require spinal braces with a mild corrective function that is easily applied and user is able tolerate. Click here to view pdf

Juvenile & Adolescent Scoliosis

A custom brace is worn to reduce the progression of scoliosis. The corrective forces applied by the brace reduce the curvature by preventing progression of the scoliosis deformity. Day & Night TLSO Night TLSO Click here to view page