Silicone Prostheses

Silicone is a compound characterized by high heat tolerance and extreme water repellence. The properties of silicone give a prosthesis a life-like appearance with a stable feel for a natural motion for various activities. Certain types of silicone can resemble soft tissue, providing a cosmetic feature along with the active sensation that patients feel during use.

The prosthesis may held in place by a suction requiring several adjustments to ensure a secure fit. In the case of facial prostheses, an adhesive is used for secure placement of the silicone prosthesis. A strong linkage to the prosthesis increases proprioception and user confidence during functional activities. Custom fittings are required for each unique amputation taking into consideration comfort and durability with color matching to obtain an overall symmetrical appearance. Task Specific prostheses are also available with endless design options for a wide range of activities.