Contracture Management

Orthopedic bracing may be used for treatment of non-fixed contractures of both upper extremity and lower extremity joints. Commonly, contracture bracing is used in conjunction with a stretching program.

Orthotic Design is Determined by Considering the Following Factors:

  • Which joint has a non fixed contracture.
  • What is the goal of the overall treatment.
  • The potential for correction.
  • Cognitive ability or assistance in using the orthosis.
  • Patient compliance.

3 Types of Contracture Orthoses:

    Positional type. Holds the joint alignment in a static position.
    Adjustment of hinge changes alignment of joint. Use daily for short duration.
    Adjustment of hinge applies constant stretch to the joint. Use daily for longer duration.

Upper Extremity

Fingers, Hand/Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder

Lower Extremity

Knee, Foot/Ankle