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C-Leg Compact - Based on C-Leg Technology, the new Compact has been precisely tailored to the needs of less active amputees who require a high degree of stability.

Proven Technology At a Glance

  • Static Stance to lock the knee between 0º and 30º
  • Microprocessor-controlled knee, especially designed for transfemoral amputees with a high need for stability
  • High level of security due to electronically controlled hydraulic stance phase system
  • Closely resembles the natural gait pattern
  • Relief for the contralateral side
  • Secure walking on uneven surfaces, slopes, and stairs
  • Suitable for Mobility Grades 2 and 3

    The Compact was especially designed for the requirements of transfemoral amputees with limited mobility, such as individuals with a low walking speed, older individuals with reduced activity levels, or users with a pronounced need for security. With the Compact, amputees starting at Mobility Grade 2 – limited outdoor walkers – can also enjoy the advantages of the electronic control system.

    Compact - Advantages

During development of the Compact, Otto Bock’s priority was to deliver the highest level of security. Through the use of C-Leg Technology, the Compact immediately recognizes which phase of gait the wearer currently is in, and adjusts itself real time. To ensure that the wearer is stable for activities like lowering themselves into a chair, walking on an uneven surface, or descending a slope or stairs, the microprocessor-controlled hydraulic stance phase system is always active. It stabilizes the joint from heel strike through a smooth transition to hydraulically controlled swing phase. The result: your patient benefits from security throughout the gait cycle and builds confidence and mobility.

Like the C-Leg, the Compact is easily adjusted to your patient, tailoring the knee’s function to your patient’s mobility level and desired activities, helping to reduce the risk of falling.

With the Compact and the appropriate practice and training, your patient can achieve a more natural gait pattern, distributing load evenly and providing relief for the contralateral side. Because the knee is constantly making adjustments, the patient spends less time thinking about their movements and more time doing what they enjoy.


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C-Leg Compact

Security for People with Restricted Mobility

The Compact was especially designed for the requirements of transfemoral amputees with limited mobility.

Otto Bock C Leg Compact

Copyright by OTTO BOCK © 2009


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