Otto Bock

C-Leg® Microprocessor Knee

Proven Technology At a Glance

  • Microprocessor control of both swing and stance phase for stability and versatility
  • Automatic, real-time adjustment helps C-Leg® adapt to the user’s surroundings
  • Wireless remote control puts control in the palm of your patient’s hand
  • Second mode for activities that require different degrees of resistance
  • Static stance feature enables user to lock the knee between 7° and 70°

    In 1997, Otto Bock introduced the C-Leg, the world’s first fully microprocessor-controlled knee. With most prosthetic knees, users worry about stumbling or falling, and have to keep their prosthetic knee straight with each step. But C-Leg Technology changed all that.

    C-Leg allows the user to seamlessly speed up or slow down, take on hills or slopes, recover from stumbles and go down stairs step-over-step. The application of science behind the knee is revolutionary by using microprocessors to control the knee’s hydraulic function. The knee is constantly being fine-tuned to adjust to the user’s movements – anticipating what the user is doing and accommodating every change in real-time!

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C-Leg® Microprocessor Knee

The Standard in Stability, Performance
This microprocessor-controlled knee’s remarkable stability and versatility make it the Standard of Care.

Otto Bock C Leg

Copyright by OTTO BOCK © 2009


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